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Hydrological Characteristi cs of Tisza Valley, the Hydrodynamic Modeling of River
Published August 6, 2020

Conveyance capability has changed signifi cantly in the last decades of the Tisza River. As a result of human interventi ons and natural changes of the river bed the elevati ons and durability of fl oods are conti nuously growing. Increasingly higher fl oods are more and more threatening the sett lements of the region, agricultural areas and pe...ople’s livelihood. Hydrology and hydrodynamic modeling play an important role in avoiding fl ood damage as well as in the
solutions to mitigate the destructi on. 

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Published July 5, 2021

Eco Currently we witness the exciting period in life of the esports, which seems to have received considerable attention even among this extraordinary season caused by the COVID-19. Although referring to the status of games (way of sports), such as Fortnite, DOTA2, Overwatch, LOL, etc together with its competitions, com...petitors and its follow up became quite common, the profession so far seems to neglect dealing with the social and organizational background of that, also with the development possibilities. The methodology of this essay is, through secondary analysis made during the discussion of the professional literature, is empirical qualitative interview method, which was carried out among professional organizations, sportsmen, and by doing this we sought to answer the question: What is the current national state of this sport, what difficulties, prospects characterize even individuals and organizations in this sphere, also including social specifications. Results point out that numerous changes should be desirable equally from the organizational and social side.

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