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The use of Hungarian herbs and fruits for functional food production
Published August 6, 2020

The bioactive components are usually sensitive to environmental impacts and circumstances of technological processes. During the production of functional foods it is necessary to preserve the stability of bioactive components. An often applied method of stability preservation is microencapsulation. The aim of our research is to encapsulate herb...s (lemon balm, garden and Spanish thyme) and color-rich fruits (blackberry, cherry, elderberry and sea-buckthorn) grown in Hungary and having significant antioxidant capacity. Extracts were made from these herbs and fruits with different extractans and the antioxidant capacity of them was studied applying DPPH (1,1-diphenyl-2- picrylhydrazyl) method. These extracts and fruit concentrates were used in microencapsulation experiments applying „in situ gelation” method. The antioxidant capacity of the microcapsules was determined immediately after preparation and after 2 and 4 weeks of storage. Comparing the antioxidant capacity of the extracts, concentrates and the stored microcapsules a proposal was given for the optimal composition of the encapsulating mixture and long-term storage experiments were started.

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