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Published May 6, 2021

Globalization changed employee preferences, advances in technology, changes that make organizations face new challenges. Existing human resource management systems need to be reviewed or even new ones need to be created. “My hobby is my job, my job is my hobby,” says the saying, but how is it possible to attract a potential workforce an...d keep it afterward? Gamification is one of the possible answers of HR to this issue. Generation X, Y, and Z employees show significant differences compared to their predecessors, therefore innovative solutions are needed to maintain a long-term, productive, and loyal working relationship and satisfaction. The aim of this study was to explore the history of the development of gamification, the increase in its popularity, and its causes. After describing the methods of gamification, it presents the field of application of gamification based on domestic and international literature. Based on the research results, it can be concluded that well-applied gaming can be an effective solution in the fields of health preservation, education, learning, motivation, business, marketing, and human resource management.

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Examination of the Notes to the financial statement through the example of enterprises engaged in sports activities
Published August 21, 2020

In the globalized and accelerated world of our time, it is essential that enterprises have up-to-date information. Only a company that is in possession of the necessary information is able to meet the challenges of business life. One source of public information might be the annual statement prepared and published in accordance with the stipula...tions of Act C of 2000. The annual statement consists of three parts: the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the notes to the financial statement. The text-based information of the notes to the financial statement are for the more accurate interpretation of numerical data. The notes to the financial statement of certain market participants (consumers, suppliers, competitors, etc.) might support efficient operation of companies, their proper decision-making and risk assessment. In present study, the notes to the financial statement of companies identifying sports activities (Hungarian NACE 931) as their primary activity were utilized. By means of text mining, it was examined what information these notes to the financial statement include from amongst the mandatory information required by the Accounting Act.

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