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To test the environmental load of the diesel engine with the use of fossil and alternative fuels
Published August 6, 2020

The aim of this contribution is to define the effects of a new alternative diesel fuel mixture. Comparative measurements were carried out, by using normal diesel fuel, and alternative mixture. Vegetable oil and normal diesel were used to fabricate the new oil mixture. In this study the measurements and the analysis of the results will be presen...ted. To compare the effect of the two fuel, diagrams were used.

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The comparison between the environmental performance index of the wood-gas as an alternative fuel and the life cycle assessment rate of the lpg, and gasoline-powered vehicles
Published August 6, 2020

This paper presents the Life Cycle Assessment of the wood gas powered car. I have compared the results with the data of the gas powered cars. The wood gas powered cars will be presented from their invention up to this day. I will describe in detail the chemical composition of different types of trees, the heating value and the reaction equation...s of gasification. I have made a cost analysis and I have concluded that if wood gas is used as petrol, the costs can be reduced significantly.

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