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The Role of Fair Trade Products in Hungarian Retail Trade
Published August 6, 2020

The expression ‘fair trade’ may have many interpretations. In economics it means an ‘untraditional’ form of trade. It means a trade partnership, which is different from the usual interpretation of international trade. The real primary aim of fair trade is to ensure a predictable and sustainable, long-term development under more advantag...eous conditions for underprivileged producers and to introduce fair trade products into the trading systems of developed, ‘northern’ countries. Trade becomes ‘fair’ when it hinders the destruction and the exploitation of human and natural resources and in this interest it achieves the modificati on of standards and it does not intend to change the structure of traditional international trade. Fair trade refers to a special approach of commercial activity, which gives priority to the needs of producers with the help of a new producer – vendor agreement.

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