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The Possible Principles of the Modelling of the Traceability System of Spice Pepper in Vojvodina
Published August 21, 2020

The need for product traceability in Vojvodina has been emphasized by the adoption of the European Union legislations. All the actors of the food chain should participate in order to accomplish this traceability. The authors have elaborated and introduced such a model in the pattern of spice pepper production, processing and sale that makes tra...ceability more transparent as well as adoptable to the local - in many cases deficient – legal framework. The raw material food-safety appropriateness and the final product origin can be justified by this system.

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Tracebility in vojvodina's spice prepper production
Published August 6, 2020

The spice paprika production has a tradition in our region; however there is a risk that due to the price competition products with dubious origin or lower quality might be included into the supply chain. This could be resolved using product-traceability in the most effective way, which is also supported by legislation. Processing plants operat...e such food safety and quality management systems that are strongly committed towards implementation of the product traceability systems. However, we have experienced that some spice paprika processors operate their management system an “island-like” manner: there is no cooperation with other spice paprika processing companies in the field of procurement and transparency. We believe that could be beneficial to establish a public traceability system/database for buyers in order to prove the product origin in a transparent manner. It would be worth for spice paprika producers the LocalG.A.P program/standard issued by the Food Plus to be revised for spice paprika cultivation, with this standardized and comparable food-safety and traceability criteria could be reached for producers. There is a need for such an independent, non-profit association in order to realize all of that, which could elaborate and continually develop the production criteria by experts, as well as could be overseen and managed the traceability related database.

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Licensed traditional small-scale producer or food processing? – The situation in Vojvodina
Published August 6, 2020

World tendency is that the food production is concentrating (although the animal husbandry practices in family farms relatively high yet in Vojvodina). Meanwhile there is a demand for such food products that are not uniform, which are special, local specialties. In the case of such products the higher price level is also achievable. Agricultura...l producers with low educational level in Vojvodina that are sidelined from industrial production, which yet – by the way – knows the food processing technics from their ancestors, the primary food processing could be mean a good alternative to supplement their income, of course besides appropriate authority control. The relation between the agricultural product prices and the food prices is very loose nowadays; the agricultural product prices do not have significant effect on the product prices. Food vendors can make higher profit then food manufacturers or their primary commodity manufacturers (Buday-Santha, 2011). The producers could be used this market gap in order to create a more livable area for themselves. As Mrs. Szörényi (2011) stated, the economically sustainable rural area is feasible among others with increasing of income generation. However despite to that the Vojvodian rural area and the Serbian legislation do not recognize sufficiently the concept of primary food manufacture. Agricultural actors unexperienced in the field of food safety are found difficult to cope with this situation. As long as they want to sell their products in processed form (not dairy product), in that case they have to establish a food processing plant. In order to resolve this, the Hungarian primary food manufacture regulation could be a good example, which involves the relevant regulations related to control and taxes too.

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