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The examination of the representation of the landscape in the domestic rural development documents
Published August 6, 2020

The author of this article carries out researches on that, how a planning approach from the landscape perspective could support the rural development planning. As a part of the research process the author reviewed the rural development plans on national level from 1999 and on the local level in four pilot areas in the last planning period. As a...n outcome of this review it was found that the landscape is one of the main categories and an often used concept of the rural development planning both on national and on local level in Hungary. However, as the documents reflected, the interpretations of the concept „landscape” are very different, so it needs to be clarified and unified. Nature, society and culture, as well as economy manifest themselves in the landscape. The documents in question deal with landscape mostly as it were only a visual, natural phenomenon. Therefore, following the horizontal principle of sustainability, it seems to be a good approach to develop a planning system, which is able to treat landscape as a whole (nature, society, culture including economy). However, the landscape diversity points out the constraints of application of a general planning method in rural development. The other main outcome of the review is that there is a conflict between the complex national objectives and the mosaic-like projects carried out on the local level. A solution can be an organic application of the national objectives on the local level considering the concrete landscape with its specific attributes where the planned projects were parts of a complex local development plan in a synergic and successive way.

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