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The Current State of the Educational Service Market in Ukraine
Published August 6, 2020

The level of educai onal service development is the precursor of economic status and social well-being of society. The issue of improving the system of teri ary educai on in Ukraine and the quality of vocai onal training poses an important socioeconomic problem, the solui on of which is possible on condii on of complying with the socioeconomic ...requirements of market economy. 

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Analysis of the ways of efficiency enhancement of transportation services in tourism
Published August 6, 2020

Tourism is one of the most dynamically developing fi elds of the world economy. Owing to the relai vely low-cost capital investment necessary to set up and develop tourism business, high levels of payback rates, constantly rising magnitude of demand for tourist services, tourism business has recently been drawing the at eni on of not only its p...oteni al customers, but also of entrepreneurs. 

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