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The Conditions of and Requirements for the Formation of Clusters in Biotechnology
Megjelent június 20, 2011

In this article, with the help of the value chain model, I explain the functioning of biotech clusters. The “cluster” phrase was originally defined by Porter. In my opinion, the problem with Porter’s and other classical definitions of a cluster is that they are static, whereas the main feature of clusters’ is actually their dynamic This is the reason why the following should also be included in the definition:
– clusters emerge in a turbulent way: processes cannot be foreseen due to the lack of linearity.
– a cluster, however, is a kind of an arena, because dense and changing vertical input-output relations and connections between horizontal organizations always generate a sort of a need for change.
– clusters cause changes in the innovation policy, as they support the evolution of a policy which is appropriate for cluster formation. That is, they act as catalysts for the formation of better conditions.
Accordingly, Porter’s original definition needs modification.

JEL classification: O32, L25, L65, D80

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