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Classical Scholarship in Nineteenth-Century Hungary
Published August 10, 2020

The present paper treats some factors which influenced the development of classical scholarship in Hungary in connection with both historical crossings: a) Leo Thun’s reform of public instruction, a bourgeois liberal reform pushed through by a conservative aristocrat, which was aimed at the Germanisation of Hungarian culture, but which effect...ed the development of Hungarian scholarly life and Hungarian classical scholarship as a specialized branch of learning; b) the crossing of German and French tradition in the development of classical scholarship in Hungary.

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Homerische Träume und Herodoteische Traumdeutung
Published July 24, 2020

It is not too probable that the interpretation of dreams to be read with Herodotus (VII, 6β) is of Persian origin. Nevertheless, the dreams told by Homer correspond to the Herodotean interpretation: The dreamer dreams by night of things which he concerns himself with by day.

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