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Establishment the strategy of the food retail companies
Published December 15, 2010

In this article I have reviewed the SWOT analysis of the two company-group, such as the Hungarian SME and the multinational company. In this frame we have got ready the so called cross-table of the two company-group. These cross-tables have showed, which opportunities they can exploit on the base of their strengths, and which threats will be in...tensified by their weaknesses. On the base of these results we have found out, that the SME’s realize defensive strategy, while the multinational companies realize outbreaking strategy.

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Application of the decision tree, as the weak point of the HACCP system development
Published November 2, 2009

In this article we have compared the „decision tree” method –suitable for the CCP determination during the HACCP systemintroduction – with the objective measurement method. We have found out, that the CCP-s from the two method differ from each other. So, the empirical „decision tree” method is suitable for determination of CCP-s onl...y limited, while the measurementbased method determines the CCP-s objectively. Only the right
CCP-determination can guarantee safe food. 

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