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Renewables in higher education
Published February 17, 2015

Unfortunately Hungary is not too rich in natural resources, so particularly important the materials and energy-saving technologies, waste recovery, increasing the share of renewable energy. It is a complex ecological strategy which priorities of the Hungarian education and calls on the student’s attention to ecological issues, pollution and t...he environmental load and look for specific opportunities for the realization of sustainable development. I consider, in addition to the specific operating continuously reduce costs of the campuses we should integrate the practical experience in to engineering education.

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Energy efficiency in Hungary and abroad
Published February 17, 2015

Nowadays decentralized energy supply and the energy security are becoming more involved. We should increase the share of renewable in the energy mix, addition to improve the energy efficiency. Hungary is not an abundance of fossil resources it is particularly important in the materials and energy-saving technologies, waste recovery, increasing ...the share of environmental energy. Our country has outstanding opportunities many areas for example, solar energy, geothermal energy, so we need to devote more attention to renewables in the future.

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Operation experiences of the PV system of an office building utilising environmental energy
Published February 10, 2013

...5); font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; text-decoration-style: initial; text-decoration-color: initial;">One of the most important research directions in the building sector is reducing the energy consumption. In Hungary the residential sector is the biggest energy consumer with 40% from the total energy consumption of the country. One possibility to decrease the energy consumption is using renewable energy sources. In this work I show a short description of PV cells and some measurements.

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Renewable energy strategy in Hungary
Published April 23, 2014

The price of energy determinates our daily life. It is very necessary that we make energy strategy such as effective in everyday life, furthermore appoint a predictable development path. In these energy strategies the renewable energy and the energy efficiency is highlighted. This article describes about relevant pledges from recent years and p...ossible improvements.

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Operational experiences of a geothermal heat pump system
Published February 25, 2014

Energy consumption nearly 40% operation translates of the buildings in Hungary. In the last 5–8 years we can see a breakthrough in the field of low energy buildings, increasing the demand for buildings 'energy efficient', and realized several successful investments in our country. Nowadays thanks to the application system the number of public... buildings increased environmental energy recovery system has been growing such as solar power, heat pumps.

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