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Psychoactive substance the examination of implements and school factors among young persons living on country
Published June 5, 2009

The study investigates the drug addiction, school problems and the underlying emotional disorders of provincial young people. I assumed that school problems are connected with the
youth’s legal and illegal drug consumption.
In my research, I used the Euroadad questionnaire taken at the Drug Ambulance of Nyíregyháza. The sample covered... 144 interviewees, 76.9% of whom were „diverted” from jurisdiction. The other respondents volunteered for the therapy.
The linear regression analysis was applied to examine the interrelations between the elements under study.
All of the 144 respondents have tried or regularly apply some consciousness-modifying substance. Most of them are young adults. The preferred drugs were marijuana and ecstasy. All
consume alcohol as well. A significant connection can be proved between the majority of the psychological and school behavioural problems under survey and the drug abuse. The more problematic group covers those taking extasy. 

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Addictions of youngsters living in the countryside: social and demographic background of alcohol consumption
Published July 24, 2014

In the past 10–15 years, the consumption of illegal drugs has increased significantly both in Hungary and in our county. In parallel with the society’s getting more and more open, the fulfilment of personal freedom, and the spreading of globalisation and individual culture, the use of drugs has become more and more accessible and acceptable... to the young.

Social problems are supposedly connected with the interviewees’ alcohol consumption. The EuroADAD questionnaire was used. The sample covered 190 interviewees. I have processed the data with the SPSS statistical program package.

The linear regression analysis was applied to examine the interrelations between the elements under study. Almost consume alcohol as well. Among the examined socio-demographic variables, youth alcohol consumption was most affected by the gender of the respondent, the dissatisfaction with living conditions, and the change of residence.

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