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Published March 20, 2020

In this research, we investigated socio-demographic attributes and structure of DVSC Soccer Club’s season ticket owners and measured the motivational factors determining the sports consumption of Debrecen’s audience. After the literature review, we developed a tool for the measurement of the following factors: socio-demographic and matc...h visiting habits, facilities and service, tickets and prices. We collected the data of the 49 samples online and through personal meetings. By evaluating the results, it became clear that fans of DVSC with season tickets experience the team’s success and failure as their own. Overall, it can be stated that those who have permanent entrants are surely visiting the matches. The growth of the season ticket owners is a key question for the club, which is determined by the creation and improvement of the club-fan bond.


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The Evolution of The Handball Talent Care System in Hungary - pilot study
Published September 24, 2018

Development of talents care systems plays an important role in handball today. The goal of the Hungarian Handball Association is to ensure that all children of the same age receive the same training throughout the country. The Association recently introduced a standard feed-back education system. The aim of this research was to demonstrate the ...evolution of the talent care system, especially the innovations introduced by the Association.

The research method was interviewing handball experts. Five experts answered our questions, former elite players, currently coaches. Based on their responses, it was possible to compare the old and the current status of the training programmes. We may conclude, that the structure of handball training has significantly developed both technically and tactically. Professionals agree, that there are a number of changes have occurred in the theory and methodology of handball. The newly introduced regional, electronic control system – described in the Age Handbook were considered to be useful by the interviewees. According to the results of our pilot study, the new unified educational training system may result in a more successful international presence in the long term.

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The Impact of European Youth Basketball League (EYBL) on the Development of the U16 Men’s Basketball Teams
Published September 14, 2018

The main focus of our research was the U16 age group since it is one of the most significant in terms of the young athlete’s future - probably professional - career. It was very helpful in research that this age group was a priority in the Basketball Academy of Debrecen’s program and they were competing in an internati...onal basketball league, in the European Youth Basketball League (EYBL). Thanks to the EYBL tournaments we have got a chance to analyze this youth category completely. For primer research we have chosen three teams, two Hungarian, and one Italian, to get an impression why is so important to play basketball at the international level in this age.  We have made interviews with the coaches, organizers and the manager of the league to have an international comparison of this age group.

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Importance of the Mental Preparation for Competition Among Young Athletes
Published September 14, 2018

The mental preparation of athletes for competition has become more appreciated. In this paper, we asked young athletes in Hungarian team sports about their experiences and expectations in mental preparation. In the research, we used an online questionnaire where 165 valuable responses were received. Most of the respondents were women, betwe...en 15-24 years of age, high school and college graduates, with urban background. Almost 90% of respondents have been confronted an obstacle with a negative impact on performance in sports before. Most athletes know well the activities of sports psychologists, however, only 10% of them have been mentally trained so far, while 70% of them would need it. Those sports associations achieve more successful results in the talent management, where sports psychologist was involved in the assessment of young children. Based on these, sports organizations should use a sports psychologist, because it could help achieve better sports performance for players and teams.

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