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Generative Design of Articulated Rod of Radial Engine
Megjelent május 13, 2021

The constant need for improvement drives humans to look for the best possible option in every field. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is no exception, to follow the best method of designing a product and finalizing it, researchers came up with an idea to generate multiple designs using fixed input values and finalizing the most appropriate one. The ...objective is achieved using an iterative design process based on algorithms by a specific software. Generative design introduces a new experience based on the Integration of machine dynamics in the manufacturing of objects and about experience. In this work generative design method was investigated on an articulated rod, one of the most important components of the rotary engine, to effectively improve the overall working performance of the engine and enhance its performance by decreasing its mass. Since fuel consumption by the machine can be greatly reduced by lowering the mass, so the goal is to minimize the weight of the rod while mechanical characteristics have to be within the acceptable values. Also, finite element analysis (FEA) was investigated on the part as to ensure the reliability of the rod before and after optimization.

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Generative Design of a Mechanical Pedal
Megjelent május 13, 2021

Nowadays, there are various tools that support the initial stages of design available to use for engineers, the traditional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has been implemented in the engineering components design and replaced manual drafting. However, with the advances and the rapid technology development, new trends emerged to cope with this evol...ution, namely, Generative Design, Topology Optimization, and Generative Engineering Design. The method is based on numerical algorithms that generate a variety of design and modelling options based on the criteria and constraints set by the designer to allow further design exploration. Proposed in this paper is an implementation of the generative design of a mechanical pedal with further finite element analysis.

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