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Simulation of Hot Rolling by Cellular Automata
Megjelent április 15, 2020

Our research is focusing to one of the most complex and important production step of flat rolled products that is the simulation of hot rolling. During hot rolling two phenomena as work hardening and the process of regeneration of crystals has strong influence for physical properties of microstructure of aluminium alloys. It needs to be taken i...nto account in case of rolling technology steps and development. When we talk about aluminium the dynamic softening in fact it is dynamic recovery that is followed by dynamic recrystallization. It goes in the same order of magnitude rate. But in steels the recovery has only a minor effect. Hot rolled and newly modified grain structure is influenced by these dynamic phenomena. Hot rolled grain structure goes through significant changes under further production steps like cold rolling and heat treatments. But aside from these intermediate production steps the microstructure that we get after hot rolling has significant effect for mechanical and grains structure of the final flat rolled product. Proper technology planning is essential that for cellular automata simulation method can ensure useable and good solution for the simulation of recrystallization.

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Local Annealing of Cold Rolled Aluminum Sheets by LASER Treatment
Megjelent március 3, 2019

LASER treatment widely used in material processing technologies. The annealing is not the typical application of the LASER treatment, but this is possible to apply in case of cold deformed metals. In the article a cold rolled EN AW 8006 aluminum sheet is annealed by LASER treatment. The microstructure of the annealed sheets is observed by microscopy. An existing cellular automata simulation of recrystallization process is modified to study the LASER annealing. The observed microstructure and the simulated results are compared to determine the further development of the developed automaton.

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