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Cultural diversity, Intercultural Competence, Tolerance and the Economy: a Review
Megjelent szeptember 27, 2021

Cultural diversity is generally a controversial topic in the literature. Whereas some studies proved that it has economic benefits, others denied that. However, it is possible to avoid the costs related to that through enhancing each of intercultural competence, on the level of firms, and social tolerance, on the level of economies. To investig...ate that, the study used literature review analysis. Based on the literature, cultural diversity plays important role in enhancing innovation and entrepreneurship which are necessary for economic development. However, it may result in different challenges such as a lack of trust and conflict. Therefore, it could be feasible to manage and benefit from cultural diversity in the companies through cross-cultural training as well as cultural diversity management. On the other hand, economies can avoid cultural diversity's costs by adopting the policies and institutions which are necessary for enhancing the level of social tolerance among people.

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Personality Traits and Their Validity in Predicting Job Performance at Recruitment: a Review
Megjelent szeptember 9, 2019

One of the most critical challenges human resources management usually faces is the procedure of recruitment and selection. At the recruitment, the factor of qualification is very important. However, HR management should take into account the personality of the candidate. For example, most of the companies' profits rely on the performance of th...e frontline employee and their behavior toward the customer. Therefore, HR management usually uses the assessment of personality and integrity. Based on the literature, there is a correlation between personality traits and job performance. This study is a literature review analysis which contains previous studies in regard to the of Big Five Factors at the recruitment and their validity in predicting employee’s performance in the firm.

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