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Development of a Low-cost Pressure Sensor
Megjelent december 30, 2020

In this paper development of a pressure sensor has been discussed. The main benefit of this sensor is relatively cheap compared to commercially available ones. The unit contains a beam type load cell and a pneumatic cylinder. The load cell has 4 strain gauges in Wheatstone bridge configuration in order to convert the change of resistance into m...easurable voltage. The system is well applicable in numerous circumstances, where digital pressure signal is necessary for control or data acquisition.

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Vibration Measurement of a Screening Machine
Megjelent december 10, 2020

In this paper we use linear vibration approach to make a model of a horizontal vibration screen, which can be applied at gravel pit in order to perform separation operation of the wet gravel particles. The model can produce the natural frequencies of the system, which are useful in the adjustment of the angular velocity of the vibration exciter.... A laser triangulation unit is well applicable to measure peak-to-peak amplitude of the working vibration screen. Comparison has been performed between the results of the simulation and the measurements.

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Application of Rexroth Controlling for Inverted Pendulum
Megjelent március 3, 2019

This paper deals with the control of an inverted pendulum. Balancing techniques are used in great many controlling problems. The inverted pendulum problem is often used as a benchmark. The theoretical background is well-known and easy to treat. A commercially available Rexroth axis controller and a CKK compact module are used to control the inp...ut of the system, which is usually applied in industrial fields. A test bench has been designed and built. A PLC based program has been developed to swing up the pendulum from the rest location to inverted position and LQR controller is designed to balance the system.

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Design an Opening Force Measuring Device for Balancing Clips
Megjelent szeptember 27, 2021

This paper deals with the development of a force measuring device to determine the opening force of different types of balancing clips. These elements can be used in the impellers of ventilators to rebalance the rotor. The measuring device contains a commercially available beam type load cell. The data processing is performed by Arduino Nano de...velopment platform with a 24-bit sigma delta A/D converter. The device is well applicable to determine the opening force of the clips in different opening distances.

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