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Influence of MTP on Surface Roughness and Geometric Accuracy of Machined Surface at WEDM
Megjelent január 11, 2021

Electrical discharge machining technology is one of the most precise machining methods. Therefore, even the smallest deviation of micro and macro geometry generally has a significant impact on the overall quality of products produced by this progressive technology. The quality of the machined surface after Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (W...EDM) is influenced by a large number of factors, most of which are influenced by the Main Technological Parameters (MTP). The aim of the paper was to describe the results of experimental research aimed at assessing the impact of MTP for WEDM on the quality of machined surface in terms of geometric accuracy and roughness parameters Ra and Rz. The samples were made of high alloyed ledeburitic chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel designated EN X155CrVMo12-1 on a Sodick AQ535 electroerosion machine. The tool used was a standard compact brass wire  0.25 mm with the designation Elecut Brass CuZn37.

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Design of Manufacturing Process of Mould for Die Casting by EDM Technology with the Computer Aided
Megjelent január 11, 2021

At present, we cannot imagine a modern production process without computer support. At the same time, its integral part is the implementation of advanced and highly sophisticated production processes and technologies. Their aim is first and foremost to ensure quality production of products with high economic efficiency of the production process.... EDM technology is one of the currently active progressive technologies. This is a technology that in practice is characterized by high product quality. The high quality of products not only through this progressive technology, but also other, whether conventional or progressive, is difficult to achieve without computer support. The aim of the paper is therefore to demonstrate the process of manufacturing a die-casting mould using progressive EDM technology using computer support.

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Improving of geometric precision in the manufacture of circular holes using technology WEDM
Megjelent március 3, 2019

WEDM technology is among the final technology. It is characterized by the high quality of the machined surface. Therefore, a small geometric deviation from the desired shape, position, orientation or run out may have a significant impact on the functionality of the finished component. Its range is largely influenced by the accuracy of the appli...ed electroerosion device, the precision of the workpiece and tool setting, the machining method, but also the combination of each other and the adjustment of all process parameters. They result in the final quality of the machined surface not only in terms of roughness parameters but also in terms of geometric precision of the machined surface. The aim of the paper was to describe the possibilities of improving the geometrical accuracy of WEDM with thin brass electrodes. At the same time, it contributes to an existing database of knowledge that defines the influence of selected aspects on the geometrical accuracy of the machined area in the production of circular openings.

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Impact of physical properties of workpiece material on material removal rate at EDM
Megjelent március 3, 2019

The volume stock removal from the workpiece during the EDM is one of the important parameters that characterize the productivity of the electro-erosion process itself. Therefore, in terms of the economic efficiency of the electro-erosion process, it is appropriate that the value of the MRR parameter is as high as possible. The paper describes t...he results of experimental research to identify the extent of influence of the physical properties of the workpiece material on the workpiece material removal rate at EDM. The experiments were carried out using an Aggregron Hyperspark 3 electro-erosion machine on selected tool steels. As a tool electrode material for experimental purposes, graphite with the designation EX-60 was chosen because of its practical advantages.

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