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  • Analysis of Social Media Activities - Through the Examination of Handball Clubs Competing at Different Levels

    In Hungary, handball enjoys special attention and support, this is true not only for our country, but also for Europe, and the sport is gaining more and more space worldwide. One of the biggest innovations of the last two decades is certainly social media, which has reformed the basic strategies related to information transfer and traditional marketing activities. The processes of content production on these platforms have radically changed, which every sports club should pay attention to, as they can gain significant advantages in terms of economics, marketing and community building if they are able to communicate well. Three sports clubs competing at different levels were compared during a qualitative study in terms of their social media marketing strategy activities, namely PICK Szeged, Balatonfüredi KSE – BFKA Balatonfüred and DEAC handball team. The basic concept of this research model was built on how the online marketing communication activities of club teams fighting for different professional goals at different levels differ from each other, as well as what are the development opportunities and aspects that can be used as effectively as possible on social media platforms. The handball club teams agreed on several research questions, but a significant difference could also be discovered in one area, in which the professionals responsible for social media disagreed or represented a different point of view. Looking at my results, it can be concluded that behind a successful online marketing strategy there is always serious preparation and planning work, as well as the diversification of content production on different platforms, because the consumer communities of the platforms are also different from each other.

  • Floorball position and passive sports consumption in the light of a study

    Research and studies done on floorbal is usually associated with medical studies, however the research and analisys of other fields peakd little interest.Thus, the aim of the study was to present the situation of floorball in Hungary and to examine the opinion of passive sports consumers about the sport. Within this we deal with the competition system of our country and the organizational structure of the federation. In our primary research, from a viewer perspective, we were interviewed as passive consumers in a questionnaire survey about their relationship to floorball. In the questionnaire we discussed whether they had ever met this sport and whether they had seen it or what attracted them to the match. We also tested their willingness to pay. The results were compared with the opinion of one of the domestic leaders of the sport, which in many cases agreed with the results. The questionnaire was completed by 153 people, more than 95% of whom had heard of the sport and most had the opportunity to become familiar with floorball at primary school. 65% of those surveyed have already seen a live floorball match that they have mostly played with friends / acquaintances. This young sport can become more and more popular among young people, not only as a complementary sport.

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